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Peace Pays Off

We all know that personal peace of mind feels better than dealing with unresolved conflict – particularly conflicts that erupt into violence. For many of us psychological, emotional and economic violence are just as taxing on health and well being as physical violence. Without the stability of safe and productive interpersonal communication, we can’t function well in the workplace, in the home or in our governments.

Today’s article in the Huffington Post reports on the ‘peace’ index of US states by the US Institute of Economics and Peace, citing the 10 most violent states. In an economic environment of diminishing tax dollars, peace pays off:

Reducing crime seems to have more benefits than just an increased sense of well-being, too, with the index’s authors hinting that safety might have notable economic benefits. If the United States peace index was as low as Canada’s (1.392 compared to 2.056), for example, the U.S. Peace Index’s authors argue that state governments could save up to $89 billion in incarceration, medical, judicial and policing costs. Add to that an increase in nationwide productivity equivalent to a $272 billion stimulus, as well as 2.7 million newly-created jobs, and it starts to become pretty clear: peace pays.