Our Serviceswork

With the help of our trained mediators, you can reach agreements that work for everyone involved. Mediation focuses on the underlying needs, concerns and values that drive the dispute. Please make a selection below to learn more.

  • Mediation services: Trained, impartial mediators help you and the other side to work through your dispute together. Mediation is most effective when there is need to preserve the relationship, such as co-parenting children after divorce.
  • Project SAM: School Attendance Mediation can help families to resolve problems caused by family disruption and dysfunction that contribute to early grade truancy.
  • Restorative Justice for juvenile offenders: Young people who have harmed others in criminal acts face their victims and listen to how their actions have impacted others. They then develop agreements to repair the harm.
  • Meeting facilitation: Impartial, trained facilitators provide structure, balance and fairness to meetings.
  • Basic Mediation and other Training: In Basic Mediation Skills training participants learn the basic skills of facilitative, interest-based mediation in a co-mediation model. 26 hours of MCLE credits are available for the 32 hour training. RECOURSE also offers customized training in conflict management, communication and conflict resolution.