Need Help with an Elder issue conflict?


Mediation is especially well suited to resolve family disputes such as:

  • Family disagreements about care for an elderly family member (for a resources guide in pdf.)
  • Conflicts between siblings or other members of the extended family
  • Multi-generational family disputes such as between parents and teens, seniors and adult children, and grandparents, and grandchildren (such as guardianship related matters).
  • Disputes related to family trusts and shared property

If your family is challenged by unresolved conflict and you need help talking with and listening to each other, we can help. Many people are finding themselves in the ‘sandwich generation’,caught between raising adolescent children and taking care of elderly parents at the same time.

If you are in this situation and need to manage the conflict and stresses that can erupt in the family, RECOURSE can help so that all family members really hear each other and work together to solve shared problems.

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