Workplace ConflictNeed Help with a Workplace Dispute?

Do you hate going to work because of ongoing conflict with a co-worker? Do you love your job but hate the stress of the conflict? You may be an employer losing productivity or an employee stuck in a difficult situation you don’t know how to resolve.

Mediation can help resolve the conflict and create a more productive working relationship for the future.


Managers interviewed said they spent more than 7 hours a week intervening in employee disputes.

Accountemps survey, 2011

Mediation is the solution for workplace conflicts:

  • it is confidential
  • everyone has a chance to speak and be heard
  • cost-effective
  • time efficient – most disputes can be resolved in one 3 hour session
  • shares responsibility and protects relationships
  • can yield legally binding agreements
  • can avoid the costs and stresses of litigation

For a recent article and study on workplace conflict:

It is important for employees to understand their rights before attempting to resolve a workplace dispute. For helpful information go to:

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Sometimes a trained neutral party is the only thing that can turn a bad situation back into something healthy and productive. Are you ready to seek help from our professional staff of mediators?

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